It all began on a warm midsummer's night in the year 1041, of the third age. At our cottage deep in the forest, in the heart of Witches' Glen, we made our first sale... a trade of white sage for an anti-aging potion. The potion worked! And here we are! What a journey it has been!

On this part of our journey, we would love to present to you:

The First Annual Legends Faire, Festival of Fantasy & Folklore. It's to be held in Greater Kansas City, near the autumn equinox, 2017.

Calling all Witches, Wizards, Dwarfs, Woodland Folk, Underhills, Proudfeet, Poke-hunters, and other free folk:

It’s to be a celebration of special magnificence!

We are Witches’ Glen, LLC. In this dimension, our company was actually established in 2005, and it has been a magical eleven years. Being surrounded by nature - the herbs, crystals, and such light energy - has been a tremendous benefit to our well-being and has always felt right. And sharing this time with such ‘excellent and admirable’ customers has made every step of our journey a positive and peaceful one.


The festival is to be an adventure to another time and place, one filled with magic and fantasy. Some of our plans are day and night parades, live Celtic-rock music, drumming, renaissance dance, professional sword and fire performances, merchant tents, and creative activities for children and adults. A fireworks display is also planned to conclude our days' festivities.

How you can help

Make some noise: If you or someone you know would love to attend this festival, let them know all about it! Spread the word to all your magical-minded friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or your other favorite online hangouts!

One of the most important ways you can help is simply sending us positive thoughts ~ This will be key to our success! Thanks so much!

With heartfelt appreciation, thank you for your support. This festival will be an exciting event for all of us. Until we meet again and on all the days that follow, “May your path always be clear, and the road ahead be bathed in brilliant light” –Maria Christine |